Communal Equipment


Communal Equipment Core


Communal lab equipment can be reserved via this core by Peter Mac Research staff at no charge.

There is a small charge per sample to use the QX200 Reader.

Bookings via iLab can be made in all wet labs using the Research Portals or on any computer.


  • Schedule Equipment - Communal Equipment within wet labs which requires a reservation
  • Services - Training for specified pieces of communal equipment



Hours of Operation & Location Information

Hours Location

Communal Equipment is available 24hrs for trained users.

Equipment is located in the wet labs on Level 4 (PCI), 11, 12 & 13.

Location information is included within the specific equipment name.

Links and Resources

  1. QRG for Equipment Booking -
  2. QRG for issue requests -
  3. Link to SNOW - SNOW
  4. QRG - Cost Centre Information OR Change - Platforms QRGs\iLAB\Cost Centre Request for Information OR Change.docx