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The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Research Flow Core (RFC) is a state of the art, cell sorting and cell analysis shared resource labratory (SRL), catering for the scientific research community based at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and broader Melbourne. The facility is located in the Parkville precinct, Melbourne. The facility is managed by Eva Orlowski-Oliver, Specialist in Cytometry SCYM(ASCP) and ISAC SRL Emerging Leader 2019-2024 with over 14 years of experience in the field of flow cytometry and cell sorting. Facility staff offer comprehensive training and education, experimental design and protocol guidance specifically targeting quality data generation through education. We offer services catering for both animal and human cell analysis and sorting in a PC2 environment. The facility is equipped with six unique analysis platforms and three fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) platforms. The analysis platforms are available 24/7 and may only be booked by qualified and licensed users. All users must be familiar with the booking rules, associated usage costs, usage guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs). For more information please do not hesitate to contact the team -


Analysis platforms 

The facility currently has six analysis platforms avaialable for booking 24/7 post licensing:

 BD Canto 
BD Verse
BD X-20 Fortessa
BD Symphony A3
 BD Symphony A5 

These instuments vary in their sample delivery, optics, configuration and capabilities - before starting a new project please contact our staff at to discuss your project so we can reccomend the best instument for your needs. 

All users must be licensed by the RFC before booking the analysis platforms.
All training requests can be accessed through iLabs, there are various options to suit all your trainig needs.


Fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) platforms

The facility currently has three FACS platforms which are operated by our staff and are available for booking from 9:30am - 5pm: 

BD FACSAria Fusion 3
BD FACSAria Fusion 5

These instuments vary in their nozzle sizes, PSI, optics, configuration and capabilities - before starting a new project please contact our staff at to discuss your project so we can reccomend the best instument for your needs. 


Fluoro Finder

Is a tool which simplifies complex experiment design. With comprehensive antibody search combined with interactive instrument configurations and spectra viewers, researchers can save time, reduce errors, and design better experiments.

All of the FlowCore platforms have been added to the FluoroFinder website and can be acessed to view instrument configurations. The website also allows researchers to select specific instuments and build new experimental panel designs which take into account fluorophore brightness, antigen density and spillover to assist with robust panel design. These proposed panels can then be forwarded to us at the FlowCore Facility for final review and any other possible reccomendations. 

This is an excellent tool and should be used by all researchers carrying out advanced polychromatic flow cytometry. 

Eva's passion and expertise lies in polychromatic panel design, please utilise her for your experimental needs. 



Reference material  

Combined Stain Index and symphony spread matrix verified

Sorting- Efficiency-Recovery-and-Yield.

Cytometry Part A ( Research)

Cytometry Part B ( Clinical)

Current Protocols in Cytometry

OMIPS (Optimized Multiparamter Immunophenofluorescence Panels)

RFC Facility Policies and Procedures.docx


 RFC Sorting Guidelines2023.docx 


The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre FlowCore Facility is located on the 8th Floor of the Peter MacCallum Building, 305 Grattan Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000. 


Name Role Phone Email Location
Eva Orlowski-Oliver SCYM (ASCP)
Facility Manager
Level 8
FlowCore support
All staff
remote support available
Elle Aydogan
Flow Cytometrist
Level 8
Fatma Panetta
Flow Cytometrist
Level 8
Lara Yanto
Flow Cytometry Operator
:evel 8

FlowCore Training

Search available services:
Name Description Price
Assisted Experimental Set up


For licensed users who would like assistance in setting up their first experiment post licensing or when starting a new project. 

This will include assistance with setting up your worksheet (plots and gates), baseline voltages and compensation, this is a 30min booking if you think you need more please let us know in your booking. 


High throughput sampler (HTS) training


For licensed users who would like a training session on how to operate and set up the HTS which is on selected analysers:

  • Canto II
  • LSR II
  • Fortessa
  • Symphony A3
New User Training (Conventional)

All users must be fully licensed through this course and practical training before they are permitted to use any of the analysis instruments. 


Please do not initiate training until you are ready to complete ALL aspects of training, including instrument induction and instrument training and you have a flow experiment upcoming. 

The process of commencing training to licensing should be completed within a month.  

No licensing will be carried out in December if training has not been initiated by mid-November. 


Training can be found on our Learning Management System (LMS) under Research FlowCore Induction Training.’

Please email if you do not have access to LMS and/or you are an external/VCCC partner staff member. 


Once LMS is completed: Speak with your supervisor and decide which instrument will be most suited for your scientific applications (Specs of our instruments may be found here Research Flow Core (, and contact us at with your Certificate of Completion attached to book a time to start your practical training sessions. Training sessions will continue until you can independently perform a 4-colour flow experiment shown in the video including compensation and will finish with a licensing test where you will perform the experiment without staff assistance.


Once you are licensed you have the opportunity to book an experimental setup session where a staff member will assist with the gating, compensation, and setup to create a robust template for your future experiments.


Eva, Elle, Fatma, Lara and Seri are also happy to provide guidance on polychromatic panel design and other flow topics after your training is completed, please remember that the facility must be acknowledged in any published work through the facility and if any staff member contributes intellectual input into your experiment they should receive authorship.

Refresher Training


For users who have previoulsy completed licensing at PeterMac FlowCore and due to inactivity would like a 30min refresher training on an analysis platform. 

Spectral Training

Additional training step after completing conventional "new user training" to access the Cytek Aurora analysis instrument. 

RFC Spectral Training Modual 

Once you have completed the LMS modual you can generate your certificate of completion - please email your certificate to to request your practical training. 

External $160.00 each
VCCC Partners $128.00 each
Commercial $200.00 each
Internal $80.00 each
Step up Training


This training is for licensed users who have been trained but would like to use a different analysis platform with different fluidics/operations. 

  • If you have been trained on the Canto's you will need step up training to use any of the other instuments. 
  • If you have been trained on the LSR, Fortessa, A3 or A5 you can use any of these platforms but will need a step up training to use the Canto's