Molecular Genomics Core

The Molecular Genomics Core offers researchers access to state-of-the-art genomics technology platforms.

We provide assessment and/or service for your experiments.


Overview of Services

We mainly operate:

  • Next Generation Sequencing: Illumina NextSeq2000
  • nCounter Nanostring: nCounter PrepStation and Digital Analyser
  • Single Cell Sequencing: 10xGenomics Chromium
  • DNA/RNA QC and other ancillary equipment: TapeStation, Qubit, PippinPrep, Covaris, etc.


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Building

305 Grattan St

Melbourne, VIC, 3000


MGC Staff

Tim Semple, BSc

Manager: Molecular Genomics Core

3 8559 7561

Amanda Lee, PhD

Senior Research Assistant, MGC

3 8559 7563

David Yoannidis, MSc

Senior Research Assistant, MGC

3 8556 1441

Stuart Bencraig, BSc

Research Assistant, MGC 3 8559 7564

Hugo Saunders, BSc

Research Assistant, MGC 3 8559 7564

Sara Alaei, PhD

Research Officer, MGC 3 8559 7563

Molecular Genomics User Group Members

Kylie Gorringe - Chair Clare Gould Paul McMillan Georgie Ryland
Julie Blasioli  Twishi Gulati Paul Neeson - Deputy Chair  
Liz Christie William Hamilton Stephen Wong  
Tony Papenfuss Anna Trigos Izabela Todorovski  

Links and Resources

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Tim Semple
Manager: Molecular Genomics Core
03 8559 7561