Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics (VCFG)

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Overview of Services

The Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics services researchers across Australia to perform discovery-based high throughput functional interrogation of the genome and signaling pathways.

Services overview     

  • RNAi screening - genome wide and boutique scale; protein coding siRNA (Mouse and Human) and shRNA (Human), long-non coding (Human) and miRNA overexpression and inhibition (Human)
  • Compound screening and drug dosing - including 2 and 3-way synergy studies - boutique BYO or large scale; Compounds sourced from Compounds Australia at Griffith University
  • CRISPR pooled screening (human and mouse, knockout, activation, inhibition libraries) and synthetic arrayed screening (whole genome sgRNA library, human)
  • CRISPR TransEDIT viral arrayed library for small sub-pool generation or arrayed viral screening
  • 3D high throughput cell embedding using matrigel (384 or 96 well format) or customised hydrogels (Rastrum, Inventia Life Sciences), drug screening, synergy and analysis
  • Bioinformatics services for all screening applications
  • High content imaging, multiple instruments and applications (with and without screening)
  • Functional activities using a multi-mode plate reader
  • CRISPR reagent provision (cas9 virus, cas9 protein, ordering guides from IDT, positive and negative controls)
  • Digital drug dispensing platform for high multiplex applications
  • Nucleofection applications, high and low throughput approaches
  • Full liquid handling automation suite
  • Extensive User Guides for all instrumentation and technologies
  • Extensive SOPs for all applications in the lab 

Detailed information

The VCFG provides researchers throughout Australia the ability to perform discovery-based experiments at the genome or selected boutique target level using multiple platforms. In an arrayed multi-well plate format, screening can be performed in both human and mouse cells using siRNA, CRISPR and drug screening approaches. Boutique cherry pick collections, BYO reagents or large screens are possible.

Extensive range of instrumentation with redundancy to ensure capacity, and also any application can be tried! The liquid handling automation ranges from personal workstations to a large format robots, 2 multi-mode plate readers, and 3 quantitative high content microscopes including confocal capabilities and high throughput live imaging using the incucyte SX3. These can also be used independent of any screening activities.

The VCFG operates a ‘researcher driven, staff assisted’ model whereby a researcher integrates into the laboratory to perform the project under the guidance of the VCFG team who provide full training and assistance, from assay development through to analysis. There is, however, capacity to perform a limited number of ‘fee for service’ screens each year. To discuss in more detail how the VCFG can help you with your research or to initiate a project, please login and initiate a consultation request on the Request Services tab.


Professor Kaylene Simpson | Head of VCFG

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Staffed 8:30am-5:30pm

Available to trained users 24/7        

VCCC - Level 11                                 


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Name Role Phone Email Location
Professor Kaylene Simpson
Facility Head

Jennii Luu
Principal Research Assistant, Lab Manager

Karla Cowley
Research Assistant

Robert Vary
Research Assistant

Susanne Ramm
2IC, R&D Lead

Twishi Gulati
Postdoctoral Research Officer

Mark Li
Postdoctoral Research Officer

Ada Koo
Postdoctoral Research Officer

Kavya Pamulapati
Research Assistant

Ann Wong
Postdoctoral Research Officer


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